Spanish at a Glance

Is Spanish on your shortlist of languages to learn?

Below I give a quick and dirty synopsis of what you should be aware of and to expect when you go down this road.


Of course this can depend upon where you are, but in many developed nations Spanish is already important. It is becoming even more so due to increasing strength of Spanish speaking developing countries. In business it is typically an advantage to be able to speak your potential customer’s language.

Depending on what part of the country or city you inhabit, native Spanish speakers may outnumber native English speakers.

Fluency Time

I’m assuming you are a native English speaker or at the very least a native Romance language speaker. In this case Spanish well-enough to handle daily interaction fluency can typically be had within 6 months to a year with consistent daily effort.

Top Countries

Spain of course. And also the majority of Central & South America(Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela) minus Brazil have majority native Spanish speaking populations.

All the surrounding areas near these countries i.e. Europe and Brazil typically have high concentrations of Spanish speakers as well.

Future Outlook

Barring something massive happening in the future, I can’t see Spanish becoming less important. There’s just far too many speakers and most of the opportunity for economic growth is in developing economies.

In the future I see Spanish becoming even more important than it currently is. Even more so if a Latin American country can turn the corner and become a powerhouse in the world economy.

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