Review of Language Mastery

What is Language Mastery?


Language Mastery: Master Japanese is a 400-page ebook put together by John Fotheringham. John Fotheringham is a linguist as well a regular joe and entrepreneur. He put together this book in order to equip older language learners with the tools to learn Japanese.


Buying the guide full package opens access to a bonus level full of interviews with accomplished learners in the language learning space. Discount codes, cheat sheets for quick reference, and a free copy for a friend. One of the most unique things he offers are lifetime updates for the ebook and any other bonuses he adds (Currently 8th Edition).

How does it work?

Language Mastery is less of a language course and is more of a framework for how to learn Japanese. For that reason the book does not necessarily need to be read in order, neither does it need to be fully read before starting.

John is a major believer in creating an immersive environment for the language learner in order to acquire the language as quickly as possible and gain a native sense about what sounds right.

He also tends to recommend other language learning sources within his guide. Such as JapanesePod101.


There are two tiers. You can either get just the guide for $39. Or you can choose to get the entire package(includes lifetime updates, bonus interviews, reference cheat sheets, etc) for $79. If you are interested in the opinions of language learners the complete package may be worth it for you, but the guide is a goldmine by itself.

The Language Mastery guide has a free 65 page sample if you would like to get a feel for what the guide is about before you purchase it.

What Level Learner?

It can be for any level of language learner being that is just a framework. He has a planned progression from beginner all the way up to advanced along with some benchmarks to give you a feel for where you fall in your journey.

That being said, this approach involves a lot of immersion and may not be for everyone. Those that like to go at a faster pace may find this method enjoyable, but more methodical language learners would likely be frustrated. Probably moreso than with LingQ.

But the sample is free, so it can’t hurt to give it a look and then pass your own judgement.


  • Uses native media(watching tv, reading books, etc) in the learning
  • Accelerated learning pace
  • Focus on speaking and gaining comprehension
  • Not restrictively structured
  • Focuses on mindset and written with a “you can do it” tone
  • Lifetime updates
  • Some of the reference sheets can come in very handy


  • Not very structured as a typical language course, may frustrate some users
  • Being thrown into native media may frustrate some learners
  • May involve buying more courses as a supplement to the method


**List of materials in Reference Cheatsheets

  • Kanji List
  • Remember the Kanji Quicklist
  • Kana
  • Verb Conjugation
  • Pronouns
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Top 1000 Words
  • Study Plan Template

The various products can be found here:
Complete Package
Just the Guide
Free Trial

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