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Else Wants to Speak, Write, and Understand Spanish Using Outrageously
Easy and Creative Techniques … in Just 12 Days or Less?”

12 days in your hectic schedule – that is all you need to allot in order
to become an efficient Spanish speaker or conversationalist. You don’t
believe it?

of all, I am aware of the fact that people’s lives are getting busier
and busier everyday. We are forced to fit tons of activities in a day.
Sometimes there’s no time left for ourselves.

is indeed essential to most of us. The fact that you’re canvassing Spanish
books in the internet means you have no time to go to any bookstore or
library to acquire one. You may want to do things in the least possible
time, using the easiest and most effective ways, in order to make the
most out of your busy schedules.

that works for this report as well – to help you become the Spanish
speaker you have always wanted to be in the shortest time possible,
yet in the most efficient way.

David Wright

Future Spanish Speakers!

a foreign language can be a frightening thought for many. According to
them, it will just take up a lot of their time. They often disregard the
wonderful opportunities that knowledge of a second language brings.

It can
help you bond with people who speak the same foreign language as you do,
create job opportunities and enhance your career, and impress your friends.
Furthermore, engaging yourself in foreign language training actually adds
self-confidence and broadens your knowledge.

That is
why I extend my congratulations to you, as you have decided to improve
your personal, intellectual, and social being.

Your decision
to learn the Spanish language is another wise choice as it is among the
most spoken languages in the world. You can never avoid dealing with a
lot of its speakers some time in your life. Therefore, it isn’t really
enough that you know simple greetings like hi, how are you, and
basic vocabularies in Spanish.

foreign language trainings usually bombard you with thousands of
words and phrases in their vocabulary and let you memorize them
until you get used to speaking them out – without really knowing
how they became that way.

The most
effective way to learn a foreign language is through the linguistic
– training starts from sounds, from which words and phrases
are formed, until eventual construction of sentences using these words
are made.

Did you
know that…

Sounds are among the fundamentals
of one language because all through out language training, these sounds
are used to speak out words and form sentences.
Words should be learned one at
a time according to the word category they belong to (nouns, verbs,
adjectives, etc.), as they have characteristics unique to the category
Sentences are actually proper arrangement
of words only. Hence, enough knowledge of words and their characteristics
can create sensible sentences.
Learning a new language involves
being familiar with its greetings and most basic phrases, and actually
knowing how they came to be.

the study of the structure of a language, is an area of knowledge that
is very important and effective; but is never really exposed to many.
Yet you could be one of those few people to benefit from it!

In this
light, I have prepared a comprehensive report to help you learn how to
speak the Spanish language using linguistics … in just 12
days or even less!

Spanish Language Speed Learning Course:

Speak Spanish Confidently …
in 12 Days or Less
is the best training material for
you, as you will be held by the hand each step of the way – from
the basics up to the complicated topics in Spanish.

pronunciation guides, accurate glosses, and ample examples, you
will never have any problem understanding each Spanish word and
sentence you’ll be encountering, until you’ll be able to create
your own sentences as well.

best thing is …

don’t need one whole school year or even a semester to train yourself
in a language that more than 250 million people speak. 12 days is
all it takes to learn how to speak Spanish!

What you
will find inside The Spanish Language Speed Learning Course:

Easy-to-apply memorization tips
and tricks to remember Spanish words better.
How each of the letters in the
Spanish alphabet is called, how each one of them is pronounced, and
some examples for practice.
Sounds not present or are very
minimal in the English language but are common in Spanish.
Creative techniques to recall various
Spanish words.
A 4-day training session to easily
tackle the most complicated topics in Spanish.
How to form and structure different
kinds of basic Spanish phrases and sentences.
The first step in learning a new
How to pronounce different Spanish
words correctly.
Easy and simple ways of creating
grammatical and sensible Spanish sentences.
Basic greetings and everyday expressions
in Spanish.
How to identify formal and familiar
situations in order to use the appropriate expressions.
The difference between describing
with Spanish and English adjectives.
Spanish adjective classifications
according to common descriptions they provide.
The importance of studying individual
word forms before constructing sentences.
The easiest way to identify the
gender of Spanish nouns.
Numbers, days, months, time, etc.
in Spanish.
List of Spanish prepositions and
example phrases.
How Spanish nouns form their plural
How regular Spanish verbs form
past, present and future tenses.
What the irregular verbs are and
how they form their tenses.
How to create the present progressive
form (I am eating, you are singing, etc.) in Spanish.
2 ways of forming the future tense
of Spanish verbs.
Why the subject of the sentence
is optional and usually omitted in Spanish.
The truth that verb alone is already
a complete sentence in Spanish.
What conjugation is and how it
is done in Spanish.
What the 3 groups of Spanish verbs
How to form Spanish interrogative
How to form Spanish imperative
Understanding airport, road, train,
market and other signs written in Spanish.
What to say when ordering food,
shopping, hiring public vehicles, checking in at hotels, and in other
usual situations using the Spanish language.

a lot, lot more!

is the Right Time to Start Speaking Spanish Confidently!

Just download
The Spanish Language Speed Learning Course e-book – filled with
in-depth linguistic research, tips and tricks for easy training, and interesting
secrets that are easy to understand and fun to learn.

The Spanish Language Speed Learning

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asked, no hard feelings.

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David Wright

P.S. Learn
to speak Spanish confidently and get the edge over many people who doesn’t
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