My name is Brandon.

First, just a bit about myself first.

  • I’m a fairly concise fellow
  • Language learning is one of my favorite hobbies
  • I’ve become a higher intermediate in Japanese and am able to read comics, books(8th – 9th grade level), and watch tv shows and understand.
    • Most of that was accomplished within 2 years.
  • I’ve dabbled in many languages just for the love of language learning
    • Those languages include:
      • Language – Level
      • Mandarin – Novice
      • Korean – Novice
      • German – Novice
      • Spanish – Beginner
      • Portuguese – Beginner
      • Thai – Beginner
      • Vietnamese – Beginner
      • Italian – Beginner
      • French – Beginner
      • Arabic – Next to Nothing
      • Greek – Next to Nothing
    • I like bullet points


What my focus with Beginner’s Language Learning is to review language learning products and guide people towards products that I believe would help in their journey in learning a language. I will also give thoughts on language learning from time to time. I’m mainly targeting beginners and novices in language learning, but anyone may be able to get value from my posts.

Some of the tools I review may be universal to any language, some may be language specific. But if I believe it can help then I’ll try my best to give an unbiased review with a list of both pros and cons.


I wish you much success in your journey.